Chandler’s Depot

Chandler's Depot was founded as a marine supply store providing stationary, hand tools, small tools, electrical equipment, apparel for ship suppliers.
Chandler's Depot offers has thousands of different items heavily specializing in pressure gauges, thermometer, couplings and electrical items. In addition, it also offers a wide range or posters and signs used in ships.


At Chandler's Depot we have over hundred different pressure gauges with different connection types, pressure ranges and size. We also have an extensive range of thermometers similar to SIKA thermometers as well as digital ones.
We also provide replacement thermometers inserts that is suitable for a wide range of thermometers.


We have over three hundred different types of couplings including cam & groove couplings, hose couplings, quick connection couplings, lock type couplings, garden hose nozzles and air hose couplings.
We have many sizes and options available.


Chandler's Depot offers high quality work apparel for many different businesses in the industry. Our winter-use boiler suits as well as parkas are highly sought after. We also offer safety work apparel such as protective face shields, different types of helmets, protective work shoes.

In addition to our winter-use apparel, we also provide disposable boiler suits, rain coats, and many more work apparel items.

In addition to the three categories mentioned, below is a list of some other items we provide.

  • Safety Signs
  • Photo-luminescent Tapes
  • Anti Splashing Tapes Certified by Major Quality Organizations
  • Safety Equipment
  • 110V & 220V Small Appliances
  • Fire Hoses & Fire Hose Boxes
  • Tool Bits
  • Fuse Cartridges
  • Navigation Lamps
  • Fluorescent Lamps
  • For more information and to shop online, visit our website at

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