Deckhouse Group of Companies

Chandler's Depot
Chandler's Depot was founded as a marine supply store providing stationary, hand tools, small tools, electrical equipment, apparel for ship suppliers. Chandler's Depot offers has thousands of different items heavily specializing in pressure gauges, thermometer, couplings and electrical items. In addition, it also offers a variety of safety signs.

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American Marine Safety
American Marine Safety covers all the necessary needs in security for all types of commercial ships from life raft and lifeboat inspections to keeping the firefighting equipment up and running including immersion suits, life jackets and EEBDs as well as fixed and portable firefighting systems, gas detection equipment sales and calibration services.

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Deckhouse Ship Supply
Deckhouse Ship Supply is dedicated to serve you and your crew whenever you need. We physically serve from Brownsville, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana including most of the parts of US Gulf. We will deliver any necessary supplies to your vessels at offshore, in port, at berth, at anchorages or off-port limits.From provisions to deck & engine items, we are ready to provide you with the best quality at affordable prices.

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Deckhouse Communications
Whether is it chart updates, ship performance data, email updates of engine functionality or any information exchange; what all need is cost-effective communications that are simple to operate, easy to maintain and operate seamlessly around the world. The entire process management is handled by us with the option for you to select according to your needs the appropriate satellite system and terminal equipment.

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